Thursday, August 20, 2015

New to the Boutique: Wren & Glory

We are excited to introduce Wren + Glory to the store!  The label was founded Brooklyn-born sisters Renee Haddad and Gloria Bijou in 2012.  The duo initially started designing bracelets from their Brooklyn homes and shared the designs with friends via Instagram. Before long, friends turned into followers, followers turned into sales and what began as a hobby soon developed into a thriving business.

Wren and Glory

Inspired by a chic and fashion-forward lifestyle, Wren + Glory jewelry is designed for the stylish and innovative woman.  The foundation of label is based on the dynamic personalities of the sisters - Wren, the boho and organic persona led by Renee, and Glory, the edgy and bold persona led by Gloria.  Check out some of our new arrivals from the label below!

Wren and Glory jewelry

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Monthly Horoscope: August 2015

We're psyched to help you discover an overview of your monthly astrological predictions courtesy of Elle UK.


You're still fresh off the high of July’s fabulous Full Moon as the first weekend of August opens: friends, fun, and all around fierceness are your priorities now. Venus, planet of love and beauty, has just slipped back into your house of pleasure and romance. This triggers the next month-and-a-half of adventure and possible backtracking for your dating life. Don't expect the expected, Aries, because your life will be anything but typical. Tuesday the 4th should be immediately marked with red heart emojis and glitter – it is that glamorous and spectacular. Just be wary of the old lovers that are sure to reemerge, temping you with false promises or maybe just some extra fun in the boudoir. Go for it if you know you can handle it, but if you're expecting it to last, you might consider moving on. Venus retrograde is not the time to reignite old sparks in the hopes of long-term commitments. On the 11th Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, moves into your house of work and health, bringing excellent tidings to this part of your horoscope for the next year of your life. Focus on wellness and success – plan to eat right, exercise more often, and value your body as well as your mind. The New Moon returns the emphasis to 24/7 pleasure on the 14th – indulge without guilt. A dreamy Full Moon closes out the month on the 29th, awakening your subconscious mind and unleashing your creativity.


The relationship lessons just don’t stop this month. You’re on the path to some serious mastery: you’re learning how to partner like a pro. Venus continues to take you down memory lane in love as she completes her final five weeks in your opposite sign. The New Moon on the 14th brings love, affection and devotion to a fever pitch. If you haven’t figured out what it is your heart really wants by the end of this summer, then it’s time to come out from the rock you’ve been under. You’re on a crash course to really getting it right when it comes to love. Jupiter makes a big shift at midmonth, and will move into your house of sexuality and transformation for the next year. You’re ready to embrace your depths and resourcefulness. Expect loads of change in all areas of your life over the next twelve months – prepare to shed some skin, and we’re not just talking about light exfoliation. Money is the big theme at the end of the month at the Full Moon on the 29th. You might be spending, earning a bit and then spending even more, Aquarius – try to stay grounded.


Your taste for the good life is a bit out of control as the month begins, Cancer. With Venus in retrograde in your money zone, you’re craving the finer things. No matter how much cash is in your account, you’re damned if you won’t make those pretty things your own. This is a bit out of control on the 4th, when “lavish” could be your middle name. The good news is that you’ll probably be well off enough to spend to heart’s desire. With Jupiter and Venus as close as they can get, your fortunes are rising and rising fast. Jupiter moves on to your communication zone on the 11th, where he’ll power up your verbal and writing skills for the next twelve months. If you’ve longed to launch a blog or write that novel, now’s the time to make it happen – you’ve got the planet of luck in your lap. The New Moon arrives in your money zone on the 14th, giving you the opportunity to set goals for your finances for the next six months. Try to be practical now, Cancer – connect to your need for security. A gorgeously romantic Full Moon lands in your house of long-distance travel on the 29th. Close out the month on an exotic beach if you can – somewhere far from home.


Change has become your only constant and your best friend. You’ve been through more alterations and lessons in letting go this summer than many experience in an entire lifetime. But you’re also clearing the slate for some amazing new gifts and opportunities. Lucky Jupiter will be lighting up your house of long-distance travel and higher consciousness for the next year, starting on the 11th. Your world will not only expand; you’ll also experience much bigger and brighter vistas. The New Moon on the 14th is the perfect time to finally banish any bad habits or other negative tendencies that block your potential. The month ends on a super busy but inspired note. The Full Moon (on the 29th) will illuminate your communication zone to help you feel connected, if not tethered to your smartphone. Make sure you take time to unplug. This is the grand finale of Saturn’s occupation of your house of long-term goals and wishes. You’ll be so ready for a retreat from the action next month – start planning it now.


Summer is half over but your social life is just revving up, Gemini. Venus (the planet of love, beauty and romance) is retrograde as the month begins, and returning to your communication zone. This can bring back old contacts you haven’t heard from in ages, so your phone might blow up with texts, especially during the first week of August. The 4th is a particularly spectacular day to join with your fave tribe – the people that know you the best and love you the most. Jupiter moves into your house of home and family on the 11th, bringing loads of warm and cozy vibes to your domestic scene for the next year of your life. This brings an absolutely wonderful opportunity to reconnect with family members you’ve grown apart from, or to repair relationships with those that you’ve cut ties with. Real estate transactions and renovations are also easy and expansive during this twelve-month phase – you might want to put your place on the market or shop for a new flat. There is a gorgeous, dramatic and super fun New Moon on the 14th – continuing the communication theme. Put yourself out there with a PR blitz, start a blog or podcast – your voice matters now and something huge can happen for you within six months. It’s time to launch, Gemini. The Full Moon lights up your career zone on the 29th, closing out the month on a high note – your professional life will soar through the early fall.


Happy birthday, Lioness! You won’t soon forget August 2015, Leo – it’s one of the most important months of the year for you, if not the decade. With Venus (planet of love, beauty, money and romance) retrograde in your own sign as the month begins, you’re looking backward in order to see your future properly. Think back to the summer of 2007 – that’s the last time the love planet went backwards in your sign. The themes, thoughts and even relationships of that particular season could be on their way back now. Exes are definitely thinking of you, if not ringing you up. Don’t be surprised if old flames show up on your Instagram, favouriting your photos from years ago. By the same token, you might find yourself madly obsessing about the one that got away, or rehashing old issues with your current partner. The first weekend of the month is stellar for romance – and the fun and glamour lasts through at least the 4th. On the 11th Jupiter finally leaves your sign after a year of helping you plant seeds. Now he’ll camp out in your money zone for the next twelve months, showing you how to grow those seeds into financial fullness – and then enjoy the fruits of your labours. The New Moon comes to your own sign on the 14th, helping you to blaze a pathway forward in whatever direction you aim to go. Ready, set – rule the world.


Your social life is stellar right now, but love and beauty could be the bane of your existence this month. Your ruling planet Venus is hiding out in the underworld and sweetness and connection could feel a million centuries away. Then again you might be able to totally work this strange astro-event to your advantage, Libra. It’s all about embracing the bad girl side of your nature, without getting into irrevocable trouble. Aim to casually flirt with the dark side but don’t fall completely in love with it. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will move into your house of dreams and bedroom pleasures for the next twelve months, starting on the 11th. You’ll be ready to live in a fantasy world of your own making going forward. The New Moon (on the 14th) is perfect for initiating long-term plans and special wishes. Collaborations are favored now. Adding to this dreamy vibe, there’s a Full Moon taking place in the sign of fantasy on the 29th. Immerse yourself in glamour and soulfulness now.


So much is building up in all arenas of your magical world this summer, Pisces. Venus Retrograde is sure to put you through a few more intense lessons around love, money and self-worth before the end of the season. Hopefully you’ve created the daily routine of your dreams. The planet of luck and abundance is moving into your relationship zone on the 11th, bringing you huge blessings over the next twelve months. The New Moon (on the 14th) is an excellent opportunity to start over: focus on exercise and work projects now. Your health and wellbeing can and will improve between now and February, if you set some positive intentions now (and maybe rejoin the gym). Finally, there’s a luminous Full Moon taking place in your stars at the end of the month (on the 29th) to assure that August ends on a romantic and mystical plane. Stay in tune with your dreams and watch for all of the signs and synchronicity leading you exactly where you need and want to be in 2016.


You’re totally torn between world domination and just going on an endless vacation. Both are equally appealing but the demands of your professional world are too powerful to deny. You cannot turn your back on all of the success that is just around the corner. Your ruling planet Jupiter is about to hit the jackpot at the top of your chart – it starts on the 11th and lasts for a whole year. This is a once in every twelve-year opportunity for taking your status to the next level. Yes, it requires oodles of hard work, but the payoff is immense. The future is bright! The New Moon on the 14th is perfect for planning your next six months of overseas adventures. And finally to close off the month, a Full Moon lights up the base of your horoscope, bringing you back in touch with your deepest feelings, longings and dreams. Pay attention to your feelings around home and family; focus on where you really want to plant your roots in 2016. You’ve been to hell and back and are finally ready for the wonderful and wild next chapter.


You’ve been working and reworking your career like a mad mogul in the past few weeks, Scorpio. Venus continues to weave her retrograde magic at the top of your chart asking you to revise and reflect on your long-term vision. You’re so ready for a late summer break, and yet the demands on your time and energy never cease. The planet of luck and wisdom will move into your house of friendships, long-term goals and popularity on the 11th. You can look forward to an entire year filled with a hugely supportive network that has your back. You’re definitely the it-girl all the way into 2016! The New Moon on the 14th is the perfect opportunity to get a grip on your top priorities and desires of the heart. The romantic interlude you’ve been waiting for arrives on the weekend of the 29th under the Full Moon in your love zone. August is sure to end on a super sweet and pleasure-driven note. You deserve only the best of the best this summer, and that’s exactly what you’re getting.


As the month begins your ruler Venus is steadily backtracking, asking you to retrace some of your recent relationship steps. What happened in mid-July, Taurus? During the first week of August you’ll revisit those themes and get the opportunity to reframe them. Home, family, and real estate matters are on your mind now – you might be a bit nostalgic for your early childhood. Tuesday the 4th is such an incredibly wonderful moment that you’ll hardly know what to do with yourself – you might have a love hangover the next day. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, moves into your house of pleasure on 11 August, where he’ll camp out for an entire year. This is beyond fabulous for you – the alignment is beneficial for your sign, helping you to explore both creative ideas and romantic entanglements to your heart’s content. The New Moon brings some focused, directed energy to your domestic scene on the 14th – if you’d like to make changes in your home, this is the moment to begin planning. An ethereal Full Moon closes the month on the 29th – surround yourself with family and friends and bid adieu to summer in the most romantic possible way.


Everything is turning around this month, Virgo, and you’re about to fall madly in love with the new and improved direction of your life. With Venus retrograde in your house of dreams as the month opens, you’re probably feeling a bit nostalgic. Lean into it – it’s more than okay to reach out to old loves or friends you’ve lost touch with now. The 4th emerges as perhaps the sexiest, most fabulous day of the summer, and the weekend leading up to it isn’t bad either. But the best news of the season arrives on the 11th, when Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, moves into your own constellation. This phenomenal astro-event has not happened in twelve long years, and it lasts until next summer. You’ve essentially got the best planet of all in your camp, watching your back – what could be better? If you want to launch a business or explore a new project, take a risk, travel more, meet new and interesting people – Jupiter will pave the way. Whatever you touch will get bigger – so carefully set your intentions and manifest them. The New Moon opens up your subconscious zone on the 14th, bringing something that was once hidden to light – possibly something you’ve needed to face about your relationships. When the Sun moves into your sign on 23 August, your birthday month officially begins. Even if you’re a mid-September born Virgo, feel free to get your celebration on straightaway – the stars want you to play and play hard. When the Full Moon wakes up your relationship zone on the 29th, you’ll be utterly romance-obsessed.