Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Love It or Leave It: The Single Earring Trend

The single earring trend has been around for a bit - it started when Dior sent models down the Fall 2013 runway wearing just one earring. The fashion world took note then and it quickly became a hit among A-listers like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence.  

However, rather than fading into yesteryear, this is one trend that is still going strong.  For example, Tibi's Fall 2015 collection featured a single brushed-gold earring by Paige Novick.  Whether this is a trend that has staying power remains to be seen.   However, one thing is undeniable - there is something incredibly chic, bold and quirky about wearing only one earring.

Photo Credits: Popcosmo and Jewelrydujour.

For an edgy-cool but polished look, try wearing just one double-ball earring like Emma Watson:

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