Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Love It or Leave It: The Single Earring Trend

The single earring trend has been around for a bit - it started when Dior sent models down the Fall 2013 runway wearing just one earring. The fashion world took note then and it quickly became a hit among A-listers like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence.  

However, rather than fading into yesteryear, this is one trend that is still going strong.  For example, Tibi's Fall 2015 collection featured a single brushed-gold earring by Paige Novick.  Whether this is a trend that has staying power remains to be seen.   However, one thing is undeniable - there is something incredibly chic, bold and quirky about wearing only one earring.

Photo Credits: Popcosmo and Jewelrydujour.

For an edgy-cool but polished look, try wearing just one double-ball earring like Emma Watson:

Monday, July 13, 2015

Inspiration: Stay Wild

Inside all of us is Hope.  Inside all of us is Fear.  Inside all of is Adventure.
Inside all of us is ... A Wild Thing.
~ Where the Wild Things Are.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New to the Boutique: Few Moda

We are so excited to introduce Few Moda to our new lineup of designer and independent brands. It is a platform that discovers emerging designer pieces around the world and brings affordable fashion that is also classic and chic.  Check out some of our new arrivals from Few Moda below.

Few Moda

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monthly Horoscope: July 2015

We're psyched to help you discover an overview of your monthly astrological predictions courtesy of Yahoo Horoscopes.


Your professional world will come into focus at the Full Moon on July 1. There might be an award, honor or other special recognition in store for you if you've been working hard towards an achievement. You might be in a position where you can see the fruits of your labor now and there is likely to be a deep sense of contentment in career matters. Then on July 15, a New Moon in your home and family sector might bring a fresh start to a domestic situation. You may begin a home related project such as a renovation, or you might decide it's time to put your house on the market or start looking for a new apartment. This will also be an ideal time to interview prospective roommates or a live-in nanny if this suits your living situation. There will be plenty of steam behind this lunation since it'll occur while Mars and Mercury (also in your home sector) will oppose Pluto. This is ambition but also potential anger. Avoid arguments with family or trying to manipulate a situation to get your way -- it won't work. Venus turns retrograde on July 25 and on July 31 will retrograde into your 5th House of Romance, Children and Creative Self-Expression. Until September 6, you'll have an opportunity to carefully examine your self-worth connected to matters of the heart. A situation with one of your children might also be revisited during this time and ultimately, a peaceful resolution will prevail. You may also pick up a creative project that has been on the shelf for way too long. Good for you! Finally, on the same day a Full Moon in your 11th house will have you completely aware of what needs to change in order to have a more fulfilling social life.


If health matters are a concern this month, you'll need to pay extra attention to your overall wellbeing. The mind/body connection will be important to balance since it looks like you might experience some anxiety or worry about your health which will only make it more difficult for you to focus on healing. Do your best to consciously let go of any excessive anxiety you feel and focus on what you can control in this situation. The good news is that if you're looking to hire a new health care provider, you'll make progress after July 15. There might be initial frustration in doing this. You might decide it's time for a second opinion if you feel you have not been properly diagnosed, or, if you don't agree with your treatment options. Remember, you are your own best advocate! Venus turns retrograde on July 25. There might be a hiccup in an insurance or tax matter that you'll need to address. After July 31, Venus will retrograde in your 7th House of Partnership, helping you to work through any sticky situations in a relationship that you might have tried carefully to avoid in the past. A Full Moon in your sign on the same day will amplify how important it is to take care of your overall well-being. Being kind to yourself this month is the best medicine you can take.


On July 1, you might be extra sensitive in the area of relationships. A Full Moon will fall in your partnership sector on this day making you completely aware of any limitations between you and your partner. Fortunately, you'll also demonstrate incredible faith, believing that you and your mate do have the potential to get through any current hardship. Consider talking to a spiritual advisor for any guidance you might need. Alternatively, you and your partner (business or personal) might hear news early this month about a legal matter you're both involved in. Things appear more aligned in your favor. At the very least you'll feel a sense of peace about wrapping this chapter up. On July 15, a New Moon will fall in your sign and it'll be your annual opportunity to make a personal fresh start. There are no rules or limitations with what you can set into motion during this period. The only trouble connected to this lunation is that on the same day, Mercury and Mars will be at a testy angle to Pluto. What might happen is that you'll be determined to begin a new project or personal endeavor, but your partner may appear unsupportive. Avoid angry confrontation on this day if you can. Instead, take a cooling off period and choose not to allow any situation dampen your prospective plans. Finances come under review between July 31 and September 6 while Venus travels retrograde through your earned income sector. You might have an opportunity to develop a skill or monetize a talent that you didn't follow through with in the past. Go for it!


A Full Moon in your sign on July 1 might leave you feeling extra emotional. You might realize that it's time to shed your dead skin, much like a snake. There may be a part of your life that is no longer workable, whether it's a relationship, goal or something about your personal identity. Now is the time to clean out your personal closet so that you can make room for your best self to emerge. Relationships come into focus on July 15 and it's possible that you'll be ready to take on a new business partner. If you are considering this be aware that on this day you might have a slight power struggle relating to how this alliance will work. You'll be tempted to call it off before it even begins but hang in there -- the angry energy will pass. Then, you'll have two weeks to plant seeds around this relationship that are sure to develop in a positive way. If you're married it's also possible that you and your mate will experience a new beginning in your relationship -- even if you need to fight for it. Venus will retrograde on July 25 until September 6. For most of this cycle, beginning July 31, you'll need to carefully review financial matters connected to investments, taxes, and any debt you have. This will be a good time to get things in better order so that you feel empowered about your financial future.


Your finances are up for review this month. As long as you try to remain even tempered about any situation that comes up, you should be more than ok. First, a Full Moon on July 1 might actually be a financial blessing. You might send in the final payment for a student loan or credit card debt. Or, you might be in a position where you finally know exactly where you stand financially -- what you owe and how long it will take you to pay your debts. Awareness is everything because it forces you to face a situation. In this case, it'll be clear to you that the only way to financial health is to practically handle and assess your bills. In some cases, it's possible that you'll receive an incredible bonus or extra payout from your job. This might also be connected to your insurance or retirement benefits that come with your position. If this happens, you'll be more than pleased. A New Moon on July 15 does suggest an opportunity to market one of your talents in a way that allows you to earn extra money. Or, you might increase your earnings in another way such as through selling certain possessions. The trouble with this lunation is that angry aspects from other planets surround it. As a result, you might lack patience during conversations with others about money during this time. Be aware! Communicating with grace will be more of a lesson for you after Venus retrogrades into your message sector between July 31 and September 6. Remember that successful negotiation and collaboration are all rooted in the art of communication. Master it.


Your workplace and daily routine are highlighted as the month begins. It's possible that you'll find out there's a restructuring that's happening and members of your office team will change. Luckily, if this does occur, you'll likely feel that it's the best possible scenario. You might also complete a major assignment during this time that's creatively fulfilling. Alternatively, if you've been experiencing any health concern and require a medical procedure, you might get this done early in the month. Your doctors and other medical staff will offer impeccable care. Venus will continue traveling in your sign for most of the month which will help protect you and allow you to make progress in personal development. As soon as she enters Virgo on July 18, things will begin to shift. Venus will turn retrograde on July 25 and then on July 31, she'll back track through your sign until she turns direct on September 6. During this time you'll have a significant opportunity to reflect on matters connected to self-worth, and relationships. You might experience a new level of awareness about a relationship on July 31 since a Full Moon will occur in your partnership sector. In some cases, a break up may occur challenging you to mend a broken heart and re-evaluate everything you ever thought you knew about love. Whatever lesson Venus retrograde wants to teach you now must not be ignored. Pay attention.


If your house is on the market, it's possible that you'll receive an offer near July 1 and it'll be one you're pleased with. Another possibility, is that you'll finish up a home renovation or other domestic related project early this month. If you receive news from a family member during this time it's likely to be emotionally charged but positive. Keep your ears open. Career becomes the focus on July 15 when a New Moon falls in your professional 10th house. You might have an amazing opportunity to begin something new connected to your career, so be sure to use this lunation to plant seeds that you can continue to develop over the next couple of weeks. On the day of this New Moon however, there will be some angry aspects between Mercury and Mars to Pluto. You might feel pulled between a family obligation and professional goals so do your best not to lose your cool during this time. Venus, your ruler, turns retrograde on July 25 and remains retrograde until September 6. You are more sensitive to this cycle since Venus is your guardian planet. During this time take special care to re-evaluate how you spend your time socially as well as the company you keep. A few changes may be necessary.


You might receive an invitation to take on a more important role in a group you're a member of. If this happens, you'll not only feel incredibly honored, but you'll be a true asset to this organization. In addition, you'll fully commit to whatever is asked of you, and will have an opportunity to inspire others as you do so. Alternatively, a friend might need your support near July 1 and come to you for help. You'll feel incredibly sympathetic to whatever plight your friend is going through and will want to do everything you can to help his or her situation. You are a true friend indeed! On July 15, a New Moon will fall in your 5th House of Romance, Children and Creativity. If you're single, it's possible that over the next couple of weeks you will meet someone who really sparks your interest. If you're trying to get a creative endeavor off the ground now, it'll have plenty of energy around it to succeed. In fact, you might be so pushy that no one dares refuse to help you! Another possibility is that you will consider starting a family or, if you already have kids, there will be a new development for one of them. It might be stressful initially, but positive overall. Venus retrogrades in your relationship sector from July 25 -- 31 asking you to fix whatever is not working in a partnership. Then, from July 31 until September 6, Venus will retrograde through your 6th house. You'll re-evaluate how you're using your talents to complete tasks, ultimately, helping to make your work even more polished.


Finances are up for review this month. On July 1, a Full Moon in your earned income sector might leave you feeling extra insecure about money. If you are worried about meeting expenses, this will be a good time to consider putting up something you won for sale. This can be anything from jewelry, to a family heirloom. You might even decide to have a yard sale and get rid of your extra "stuff" while making money. All of this would be a great idea and help ease your anxiety about cash flow. On July 15, there's potential for a loan to come through, or for you to hear news about a settlement, insurance money or other funds that are coming your way from a source besides your own income. Be patient with this development because it does appear that in the beginning, you'll encounter at least one person who is trying to make things difficult for you. Don't let it bring you down. Instead, keep your eye on the prize. Venus will turn retrograde on July 25 in your career sector and until July 31 you might seriously rethink your professional goals and how to best use your talents. Then, from July 31 until September 6, she'll retrograde through your 9th house. You might find this to be an important time to consider whether or not your spirituality or beliefs resonate with who you are or if there is a glitch in your spirit that requires work in order to improve your self-worth. It's time to be true to yourself.


If you're a writer or in the communications or sales industry, you might finish up a major project near July 1. Whatever the details behind it are, you'll feel inspired and optimistic about the outcome. Another possibility is that you'll have a deep and meaningful conversation with your sweetheart about your love life. You might be afraid to reveal your emotions initially but soon realize you have nothing to fear at all. If you have any children and need advice, why not seek the help of one of your siblings? It appears that you'll receive heartfelt, sound advice from your brother or sister early this month. On July 15, you might consider going back to school to study for an advanced degree, license or certification. You might have plenty of ambition and energy to move forward with this decision but you'll need to be patient. The red tape and other paperwork needed to put this into motion might be quite frustrating. Still, it'll be worth it. On July 25, Venus turns retrograde and until July 31, an old friend might come back into your life. After July 31 and until September 6 you might struggle with feeling less than appreciated from higher ups. This might also be a time to consider whether or not you're using your talents to the best of your ability. Honest examination now about where you are professionally can lead to greater rewards after September 6.


A long, drawn out legal situation might finally come to an end for you near July 1 and if this happens, you'll be relieved. If you're not involved in any legal matter, it's possible that you will have an opportunity to make a media appearance or to see the results of a recent advertising campaign for something you're promoting. You're likely to be quite pleased with the outcome. On July 15, you might find yourself quite busy in all matters of communication. There might be an opportunity to begin a new writing project, or to make a major sale if you're in the sales industry. Your words might be more aggressive than usual near this time so take care that you don't come across as overly pushy. Also, if you're in communication with a sibling during this time you might have an argument about a difference of opinion regarding a family matter. Try not to let it escalate. Instead, remember what's most important -- that you work together to reach a resolution. Venus, your ruler, will enter your true love sector on July 18 but she'll be crawling and not at her strongest. She's preparing to turn retrograde on July 25, so for this brief time you may feel that there's promise in a romantic situation. Still, it appears you'll make one tiny step forward but two giant leaps backwards. Don't worry -- your time will come and sooner than you think! Instead of worrying about what you can't control, take the opportunity of Venus moving backwards in your family sector between July 31 and September 6 to recalibrate things at home and to strengthen your family relationships. You'll be glad you did.


July 1 will be a pivotal day for you in your love life, or your relationship with a child. A Full Moon will fall in your true love sector and it appears that you and someone special are ready to take your relationship to the next level. You might declare your love for this person for the very first time. Or, you and your sweetheart might make a commitment to one another that is more binding. Another possibility is that you'll make a decision to start a family and if that happens, you'll both feel complete bliss! Alternatively, if love and children are not highlighted for you during this time you may put the finishing touches on a creative endeavor and prepare to release it out into the world. You'll be so proud of your accomplishment! Your social life might open up near the New Moon on July 15 but take care not to rush into any commitments. You might be so zealous about a humanitarian endeavor that you want to participate in that you come across as overly pushy to others. That would be intimidating rather than helpful so be aware of how you come across. On July 18, Venus enters your sign but she won't be in a happy place. In fact on July 25, she'll turn retrograde in Virgo challenging you to rethink why you're feeling "unbeautiful." Fortunately, Venus will move out of your sign on July 31 spending the rest of her retrograde in Leo and your hidden 12th house. Until September 6, the lessons in self-worth and love continue but they'll be more internal and private. When it comes to love and relationships, it's definitely time to face your fears.