Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Favorite Looks: Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015

With the end of Fashion Month in sight, here are some of our favorite Fall 2015 looks from Paris Fashion Week.



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Monday, March 9, 2015

Inspiration: Dream Deep

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” 
~ Pamel Vaull Starr


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Friday, March 6, 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Inspiration: New Beginnings

"A beginning is only the start of a journey to another beginning.” 
~ Anonymous


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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monthly Horoscope: March 2015

We're psyched to help you discover an overview of your monthly astrological predictions courtesy of Vogue Italia.


March is a big month this year for you Aries. Venus is in your sign until the 18. Mars and Uranus are also in Aries the whole month. The Sun will enter on the 21rst of March. This will give you a high level of energy, pushing you to do a lot more than your usual routine, you may start dance classes, be on a long trip overseas, begin a new training, and go out every night because you cannot sleep. It can also be because your love life in passionate. Single, your chances to meet somebody who is exactly what you like are high, and it could be a serious relationship also.


You feel that a strong foundation is key for success at this time. You are aware of changes that need to happen in your home so that you are well-prepared and strongly positioned for professional success. The healthy roots of a tree support the strong and expansive branches reaching for the stars.


The rhythm at work is pretty fast the whole month of March, Mars and Uranus in your professional sector are activating your work sector. Your results are great, so it is worth investing so much energy and you will get recognition and gratitude from your boss. International developments are interesting for you. A business trip may happen and you are ready to go anytime. If you are in a relationship, your feelings are deepening and you say more this month to your loved one than you said before. Single you may meet somebody at work, and it will be interesting if you give it a chance.


Lots of family events this month, your parents may be moving out or retiring, your sister may have a baby, your brother may break up with his girlfriend or change job… news keep happening, surprising, happy sometimes, less nice some other times. You keep in touch with everyone, sharing the emotions. Love is nicer and more comfortable after the 18th of March when Venus enters in your love sector. You make efforts to control your anxiety and stress through meditation or sports. Mind and body. And remember that you don’t need to carry the world on your shoulders. Mind your business.


Your career is the important sector in March. If you want to look for a new company, it is a good time to redo your resume, update your LinkedIn profile and put a new picture and connect with your network. You have a potential that you want to express and it is your motivation. But if you can get a raise, of course, you will be happy. Friends are a huge support and you have lots of events shared with them, so your weekends are pretty packed with invitations. You love varied interests and social milieu so you are pretty open to new people.


Jupiter brings some luck and any problems that can happen this month will find a favorable issue. So stay calm and fix the situations one by one, there will be a good solution for each one of them. Your network of new friends is expanding fast and easy, friends of friends are yours, and you communicate as much online as in real life. With your sweetie, you have a good time, joking and having fun. Single, you are attracted to someone coming from another country, a different culture, you are pretty engaging, and you clearly show your interest.


You are in a mood for commitment, love or business or both. You want to make sure that you are in for the long term. You ask your loved one what his or her intentions are and you want to know the truth. You take information about your company, what do they expect from you and what is their career plan for you. It will give you motivation to move forward. You take care of your body also, dentist, physical therapist, dermatologist, gynecologist. And for spring you will lose weight if needed, a good diet and some exercise.


Venus and Mars will be in Pisces between the 1rst and the 21rst of February, together they create a great month of romance for you Pisces. If you are single, you have a great surprise of meeting the perfect partner unexpectedly. If you are in a relationship love is strong and intense, you feel safe and you know where you are going together, your feelings are reinforced. You enjoy spending most of your evenings together, don’t forget friends they may feel abandoned by you. Money will be good at the end of the month, expect a raise, a donation, a reimbursement.


Love is really good between the 2 of you, laughter, good sex, good mood and sharing everything. If you are single, March is a month when anything can happen if you are single, you can meet one or two potential partners that are exciting, interesting and very different from one another. You will have the choice in the end. At work, things are a little confused, Saturn is putting some hurdles, delays, rescheduling, all this is irritating but you put up with that. Your patience is being tested. Sag love their freedom but they are now in a phase where they have to adjust.


Love is intense for you this month until the 21st. You will organize your schedule around your sweetie and that is the reason why you will need to catch up with the friends at the end of the month. The days at work are fast and you are under pressure the whole month, with results but you wish you could be more relaxed. Stress is related to a very anxious person around you, protecting yourself from anxiety that does not belong to you is important. Don’t absorb emotions that are not yours. You discover an artistic gift and you want to express it. 


You have to wait until March 18, to have Venus entering in Taurus and give a nice kick to your love life. All of a sudden, you feel noticed, you get compliments, and you are asked out by people you would never suspect they could be attracted to you. Your profile on Tinder gets hits more often than ever. You need to take some vitamins though as your physical energy is low, you need to sleep more also, energy will be back on the 30th. Mercury is in your professional sector helping you to communicate better with your boss and your coworkers.


If you are in a long-term relationship, you are so close together that there is not much space for others in your free time. You feel so good that you avoid seeing other people. Make an effort to socialize, you stay too much at home. Saturn makes you reorganize your flat, like remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you want a space that is new and clean. At work, you are helping a coworker who is lost or disorganized, you do it gracefully expecting nothing in return. You make some saving for a future vacation, you know how much you need.