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Monthly Horoscope: February 2015

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When it comes to love and desire, and even money, there is a lot going on behind the scenes and much focus on the past this month, dear Aries. You are reconciling and processing your feelings, and you might feel strongly on the verge of an important change - something big. Watch the 10-13 when Mercury stations and there may be a mix-up involving a friend, dream, or plan that confuses everyone. After this time, you're feeling more confident and "in the know" about what to expect (and what not to expect) from people around you, and clearer about your goals as well. One of the themes in your life this month involves a dilemma between going your own way creatively speaking and collaborating. Both options look very attractive. Both Venus and Mars symbolically emerge in your solar chart on the 19-20, entering your sign and then joining forces, and hungry for attention. Your desires, wants, and needs are strongly felt, coming alive and wanting to express themselves. There is obvious creative and attractive sizzle to your personality. People want to be around you and are drawn in by your lively spirit. You are magnetic and more noticeable than usual. When it comes to love, desires, and self-assertions, you are direct and straightforward, and you are a priority or headline in a partner's life. You may be acting on impulse now, especially after an impulsive New Moon on the 18th which may have resulted in a quick decision to change directions or even to end a friendship, but by the 24-25, you seem to have a plan. There is a little more measure or deliberation to your dealings, and you're thinking in more practical terms.

February can be an exciting and impulsive month for you, dear Aquarius, and it's a time for new beginnings. Relationship drama is possible around the 3rd, with a Full Moon in your opposing sign. Let's face it, there has been a lot of focus on you and your needs, and it's time to balance things out a little. Be careful with money this month. Although you're getting wonderful new ideas about what you want, how to make money, and how to spend money, you're inclined to overdo in these areas. See if impulses pass quickly before jumping in. Many of you could be acquiring items of the dream variety, whether through generous gifts or from some self-pampering. From the 12th forward, you begin to feel more clear-headed, prompting quicker decisions and more direct pursuit of your interests. Your more impulsive side is alive and well on the 18-19, when you could feel pressure to handle a matter that has been causing you problems or preventing you from moving forward. In the last week of the month and into March, you want to come out a winner on a mental level, with your studies, and in your communications. This is a competitive time, ideally pleasantly so, and you can use this to your advantage by pushing yourself mentally to succeed in school and with your interests, to learn more, and to begin new and exciting projects. The 24-25 is strong for really scoping out which of your many new ideas are realistic and doable. Otherwise, be careful that you don't push too hard or let impatience rule when it comes to walking, driving, writing, and speaking. You're inclined to act before you think now. This is also a good time to cement a friendship, or perhaps to get the courage to seek out a new friend. It's a good time to make the first move. Certainly, most of February, you're quite certain that you're in need of an important change.

February brings nice energy for attracting good things to you, dear Cancer, but while you're coming across as more confident than usual, there is a lot going on under the surface of things in the first weeks of the month. For some of you, there could be a tug of war going on with money or power. If either has been mishandled, you'll see it clearly now and recognize the need to tone things down. While your personal appeal is easy and natural right now, when it comes to relationships, you may feel as if there is a lot left hanging until after the 12th. Watch for tricky conversations or misunderstandings around the 9-12. Things do become clearer in an intimate relationship, and for some, with money owed or coming in, from this time forward. The impulsive New Moon on the 18th can trigger a quick, sweeping decision on these lines. Perhaps you want to leave something behind and start fresh now. If conditions have been difficult or intolerable, you might come to a quick decision to go in an entirely new direction. The last week of the month brings fresh energy for work, public relations, and relationships with parents or a boss. You certainly have more spunk and creative power at this time, and you benefit from really putting yourself "out there". You're not typically one to toot your own horn, but circumstances are such that someone else does it for you. There can be new ideas and innovations, and possibly romantic opportunities through business at this time. You are tired of the same old, same old, and ready to show a new face or attitude to the world. You have more courage to take the lead, make important changes, and show off your skills. The 24-25 brings a pleasant reality check - you don't enjoy a pace that's too quick anyhow. Consider the details of your plans, and then run with them.

You are bringing extra creativity to your communications and mental pursuits this month, dear Capricorn, and you're braver than usual to mix things up a little. In fact, you might often take the lead when it comes to reaching out to others to make a connection and initiating conversations. There can be times when you're a little too quick or anxious to present new ideas, the important thing is that you're feeling inspired. Your persuasive powers are in top form, and you may very well win a few admirers through your dynamic way with words. Even so this month, there can be some reality checks if you've been over-estimating the time and energy you have for some projects. If you've been overshooting, particularly in your intimate life, or spending/borrowing too much, it's a time for making some important adjustments to get yourself back on track. Trying to do too much too soon will only serve to exhaust you. Try not to enter into serious new endeavors around the 9-12, when you may not have all the information you need to make good decisions. Important financial dealings are not advisable during this window either. The impulsive New Moon on the 18th can find you shutting down a project in hopes of going in a brand new direction. From the 19-20, there can be much activity in the home or with family, important changes and discoveries, and fun creative changes and renovations. This is not a time when you are content to idle or waste time. In fact, your idea of rejuvenating down time during this period is in no way quiet or traditional. Creative activities that serve to enliven home life are favored now. The 24-25 is strong for really sinking your teeth into exciting projects that have long-term value.

The month can begin with a fair amount of indecision and a state of limbo, dear Gemini. This is not especially obvious on a public or professional level, however, as you are coming across in an especially attractive and confident way in these arenas. However, on a personal level, you may be suffering from a sense that there are too many options to choose from. While Mercury's station from the 9-12 can heighten this state of indecision or confusion about your choices, around the impulsive New Moon on the 18th, you may make a quick and/or sweeping decision to change a line of study, interest, or focus. Certainly, from the 13th forward, plans seem clearer, you are living with a stronger sense of direction, and enthusiasm is on an upward swing. The last ten days of the month is an especially notable and busy period for networking and friendships. There can be romantic attention, opportunities, or even tension through friendships, group affiliations, or networking, particularly from the 20-24. The tense part of the equation may have to do with a desire to take charge, lead, and direct, and you may need to tone things down a little if some friends feel unconsidered. This is also a very ripe time for "birthing" new ideas, plans, and goals that are especially unique, creative, and innovative. Your desire to start something new, to innovate, and to go your own way is powerful now, and the 24-25 can be a time for really assessing which of these ideas or plans are doable, realistic, and worth further attention.

Relationships, and especially partnerships, can be in strong focus this month, dear Leo. Recent excesses can come to light, and you may discover that some people in your life are feeling left out or unconsidered. This is a strong month for putting things back into balance. When Mercury stations on the 9-12, watch for mistakes and misunderstandings, particularly in your dealings with others, and with negotiations and contracts. While there can be a feeling of being in limbo or on the fence about matters, the impulsive New Moon on the 18th can stimulate a sweeping decision, as the desire to start fresh is strong, and putting an end to a difficult situation may seem to be the only option. From the 19-20, both Venus and Mars enter your adventure sector, harmonizing with your sign, and you begin to feel especially confident and vital. By the 22nd when these planets join forces, the competitive side of your nature is alive and well, in a playful and pleasant way. Enthusiasm builds, your interest in the world outside of your own routines expands, and your desire to learn about new things is strong. There can be romantic or creative connections with someone far away from you or someone unexpected. Promotional or publishing matters can move forward and thrive. This is an especially innovative time, but can be a little too undirected or excitable until the 24-25, when you're ready to see what is truly doable, given practical considerations and limitations. You are becoming more and more disciplined these days, particularly when it comes to creative efforts, and the benefits of this are especially evident now.

Your social life can have its ups and downs this month, dear Libra, and you're bringing strong, creative, and innovative energy to your work or daily routines in February. Any excessiveness when it comes to friendships and extra projects can become glaring this month, and you can reach some sort of epiphany. You are in high demand, but you can only do so much. You're not accepting the same old, same old when it comes to daily life and work, and social or romantic opportunities through these things are likely to present themselves. Even so, romantic matters can be complicated, particularly around the 9-12, but you seem to have a solution around the 18th, even if it comes as a sweeping decision. It's time to start fresh, and if it means shaking things up and a bit of drama, then so be it. From the 19-20, partnerships really begin to heat up. You have added courage to make changes, to innovate, and to get things going, and some of you may be in hot pursuit of exactly what you want in a relationship. You are especially willing to take a few risks, with your heart especially. Attractions and desires can come on suddenly and forcefully, and you won't accept anything less than pure sparkle in your associations. It can be difficult to think of much else. You can be especially impulsive now, but by the 24-25, you're ready to bring everything back down to earth. This is a strong time for coming up with a solid plan with someone special. In the last week of the month, there is continued focus on work and health, but it's more about making things work and getting back on track than shaking things up.

Much of the month, the focus is on you, dear Pisces. While there is a retiring side to you in February, your desires, needs, and wants seem crystal clear. Your personal magnetism is through the roof with Venus, Mars, Psyche, and Eros - the lovers - moving through your sign much of the month. It's powerful, and palpable. With Neptune and Chiron long-term guests in your sign as well, there is some mystique and healing energy to your aura as well. Even though you are not necessarily seeing the full picture in terms of where you're headed until around the 19th forward, you're carrying yourself as if you do and everyone else seems to think you do. People want to be around you and share some space with you in February. The New Moon on the 18th is an unusual one - you can feel as if you are on the brink of something big, but you can't quite put your finger on it. However, out of the blue, there can be a decision made that puts an end to a difficult, restricting problem. This can happen during the week following this lunation. Another theme this month involves dealing with recent excesses, and a conflict resulting from wanting to do too much - to shine in all sorts of areas - but time and energy are naturally limited. You're giving much of yourself, taking on a lot of work and daily activities, and enjoying the process, but there will come a point when you realize something has to give. Another theme involves a lot of desire - things you never imagined you wanted, you now crave. Spending can be a problem around the 20th, but business ideas are golden, gifts may be coming in, and by the 24-25, you have a good idea of what you can do to really get moving with an idea or project, and you're getting the help you need from the right people as well.

In some ways this month, the cosmos are asking you to slow down a little and to curb recent excesses in order to get yourself back on track, dear Sagittarius, particularly if you've been focusing a little too much on activities that take you away from daily responsibilities, or if you've taken on so many extra projects that you're close to a point of burnout. In other ways, you're being encouraged to stir up some excitement, especially in your personal life, on the home front, with family, in your creative pursuits, and for some, in a romantic relationship. Be especially careful around the 9-12 when it comes to your communications, sensitive topics, and your work, as there can be complications or mix-ups that can set you back. After this time, you become clearer about where you want to go. By the 18th, you're ready to make a big change, and some of you could put an end to a particular project or line of study in order to start in a brand new direction. From the 19-20 forward is one of the biggest periods of the year for romantic and creative expression and opportunities. You are really turning heads, and far more courageous about sticking your neck out, taking a few personal risks, and getting noticed. It can be an especially impulsive, dynamic, and flirtatious time when creativity blossoms, feelings are ripe and insistent, and desires come on powerfully. In many ways with serious Saturn in your sign these days, circumstances are such that your more responsible side is called upon, so take advantage of this period for expressing your more playful side. By the 24-25, you'll come up with ways to express both simultaneously. This is a time for responsible and disciplined pleasure, relationships, and creativity.

The delicate balance between attention to home and family life and focus on professional or "outside" responsibilities can be in strong focus this month, dear Scorpio. Ease up on the pressure you put on yourself to shine in both areas. The 9-12 can be a little tricky, and you can encounter a myriad of little problems and delays around the home or with family. However, after this time, it's (almost) smooth sailing in your personal life. Your powers of attraction are through the roof in the first weeks of the month. Creatively speaking, you're raring to go. The month is about innovation, and you're unlikely to be happy with the status quo, particularly in romantic relationships, creative projects or hobbies, entertainment, personal pastimes, and even your work. If you've been undecided about a project launch, a move, or a personal change, the energy of the impulsive New Moon on the 18th will push you forward. The 19-22 brings dynamic energy to your work, daily routines, and health or self-care programs. You may want to take the lead in your work environment, and while this can cause a bit of a stir, you're unlikely to accept a static, dull, or lifeless approach to any of these things. You have stronger energy and motivation for really getting things done. The goal is to make your everyday life more interesting, pleasurable, creative, and exciting. There can be a bit of a slapdash approach to handling your life now, but you seem to need this to get the ball rolling, and by the 24-25, you're ready to focus your energies. You might feel inspired by different approaches to fitness, health, and wellness. From the 26-28, be careful that you are not taking on too much as you reach for success. You may need to make changes in your style of communication in order to maximize your chances of getting to where you want to be. 

The month is busy both professionally (or publicly) and with networking and enjoyment of friends and pleasurable pastimes, dear Taurus. There is a lot of sizzle and creative energy with friends and friends of friends in February, and for some of you, romantic opportunities through networking. You want to shine both personally and professionally, with your loved ones and with your reputation with others, and both drives are strong. However, there is only so much you can do in a day, a week, and a month. You can't be everything to everyone without something suffering, so find ways to strike a compromise. Watch the 10-13 when Mercury stations in your sector of career and reputation. Matters surrounding your reputation have been a little tricky, and you don't want to encourage any further misconceptions with a misplaced comment or premature announcement. From this time forward, you're clearer about your goals and happier with your accomplishments. Around the 18th, you may come to a sudden decision to clear something away in order to start fresh, and this can involve a career path, work project, or life goal. From the 20th, matters of the heart and possibly the libido become a little more complicated, private, or confusing. You might struggle with whether or not you should go after what you want, or could have a hard time fulfilling your desires directly. Past matters, and possibly private ones, assume larger importance. There is an increased need to take the time to process your feelings and needs. The 24-25 brings a stronger need and ability to get organized, particularly involving your finances.

There can be a strong focus on work, health, and relationships this month, dear Virgo. Health and/or work matters can be a concern, and there can be some muddle, confusion, or a state of limbo or feeling as if you are falling behind. From the 13th forward, it becomes easier to handle these things directly and confidently. Watch especially from the 9-12 for mix-ups and errors. Competing desires to tend to emotional matters and to shine in your work require some attention - you can't do it all, and you'll need to find ways to live a healthier, more balanced life. The New Moon on the 18th can really get the ball rolling, as you'll feel anxious to start anew and take charge of your work, daily routines, self-care programs, and health. There is especially stimulating energy this month in close relationships with Venus and Mars traveling through your partnership sector until the 19-20, and then your intimacy sector from that date forward. These bodies join forces on the 22nd. For some of you, this can be a very passionate time when you're finding new ways to express yourself, and your desire nature is stronger than usual. Attractions can come full-on and feel insistent. If you're hungry for excitement in your relationships, this can be the time to find it, as there can be some drama and plot twists occurring now, but there can also be some impulsiveness and friction. Sudden discoveries or tension with financial affairs are also possible now, but creative ideas can be found for handling them. The 24-25 brings steadier energy for consolidating, considering practical angles, and putting plans into action.

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